Answered Questions

I’ll probably update this with time but several people have asked me questions through email and quite often they are repeats so apparently they’re fairly common so I’ll address them here. It’s not that I don’t like getting emails from people but this might make it easier to understand me. The questions are in no particular order. What I did was go into my email and read them again and write down the most common questions. The very sexual I’ve left off from here, if you have a question along those lines, just send me an email and I’ll answer it that way.

The question I get the most:

1) What clothes are my favorite to get wet in?

Actually that’s a hard question to answer. Depending on the situation I like different things. That being said, if it’s an ordinary Saturday or Sunday in the summer and I’m getting dressed for the day, meaning I’ll be getting wet at some point but at that point I haven’t figured out how, it’ll be jeans and depending on my mood, either a t-shirt or a button up oxford type shirt that I can tie above my waist.

If I’m going to the beach, it’ll certainly be jeans or some kind of pants but usually jeans. The reason being, that as I walk along the surf line I like the feeling of my jeans as they get wetter and wetter and how the wet fabric brushes against the tops of my feet. Needless to say, in this case, they aren’t skinny jeans. I would almost never wear a skirt or dress in that situation because you have to go a lot farther out into the water before any clothing starts to get wet.

Obviously if I’m going out to a club, which in actuality I really don’t do very often, I’ll wear a skirt or dress and heels. There are a couple of bars up in Los Angeles that I seem to end up at quite often that are great because they’re right by pools and they’re a lot of fun to get in. The best for wetlook is the Tropicana Pool Cafe at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. No one there even gives you a sideways glance if you get in the pool with your clothes on. The waitress will be more than happy to bring your drink to the edge of the pool. Obviously, tip well.

The second is the SkyBar at Mondrian in Hollywood. If you’re staying at the hotel you can end up in the pool in whatever you’re wearing without much ado but a couple of times I’ve been there and some of us have ended up in the pool and usually before too long a waitress or other employee will ask you to get out.

2) What is your favorite brand of jeans?

That’s easy. Citizens of Humanity. They fit me best and I like them because they’re not for everyone. Most people that I know, had never heard of them before meeting me. I like unusual things so they’re a good fit, both literally and figuratively.

For skinny low rise I only have about 2 or 3 pair of the Racer style, and then if I’m wearing boots to go riding, I probably have 5 or 6 Cherie Flare. My favorites and the ones I wear daily are Emannuelle. I probably have 20 pair of these in the various colors. The skinny ones are what I’ll wear if I know I’ll be jumping into a pool or if I’m just going out and don’t think I’ll get wet but still want to look good. If I’m going to be walking on the beach I wouldn’t wear them because of course they’re tight and can’t brush the tops of my feet.

3) Do I like to see others, men or women, get wet?

Certainly. A guy that reads my blog sent me a link to his Tumbler account where he has some pictures and while I’d rather see the real thing in person, there are a couple of pictures that I loved.

If I’m walking on the beach and see someone in clothes near the surf line I’ll head in their direction and see if they go in or not. If they don’t, it’s always interesting to see if they notice that at least part of me is wet if not completely wet. If they do get wet, even slightly, I’ll try striking up a conversation with them. I’ve met a lot of people that way and also met a fellow wetlook lover that way.

I also love being down at the beach in the evening and seeing couples come down to the waters edge and see if they end up in the water, either being pushed in or just playing. The best beach for that is Santa Monica by the pier.

4) How often do you get wet?

During the summer, usually daily. I live on Newport Harbor so I either take my kayak or paddle board out almost every morning or evening. I’m pretty lucky with my hair, it’s pretty low maintenance so I can get it wet in the morning and then just rinse it out under the outside shower, semi dry it with a towel, run my fingers through it and then go straight to work. On the weekends I’ll hose off my deck or patio and get at least from my knees down, wet and then once I get wet some way or another I’ll be wet the rest of the day.

In the winter, usually at least every other day or so. The same way, kayaking or SUPing but not jumping in and then getting in my spa afterwards. Of course on those infrequent days when it rains, it’s heaven to splash in puddles.

5) I hesitated to put this here because it’s kind of personal but a lot of people have asked it so I figured, “Why not?” Do you ever pee in your clothes?

Occasionally but only if I know I’ll be able to rinse off right away. I’ve never peed and then walked around without being able to rinse off. Just not my thing.

6) What’s your favorite place to get wet?

That’s also tough. Right away I was going to say the beach but then I stopped to think about it and there are so many other places it’s hard to commit to one or the other. I love getting into fountains. Absolutely love it. My favorite fountains are center court at Universal CityWalk, The Electric Fountain in Beverly Hills, there used to be a Niagra Water building in Santa Ana that had a HUGE waterfall in front of their office, Knotts Berry Farm has a big bucket you can get under and get soaked, there’s a bank in El Toro, I won’t mention names, that has a great one.

7) Have you ever gotten wet in overalls?

Yes, when I was a kid I had a few pairs that I’d get wet in. Both in the neighbor’s pool and at the beach. I haven’t had a pair of overalls in years but now that I think about it, they can be pretty sexy if done correctly so I may get another pair.

8) Do you ever get wet in heavy jackets or winter clothes?

No. I’d never even thought about it until someone asked. I have an extremely high tolerance to cold if I’m turned on so if it’s really cold, meaning snow on the ground, I’ll go in up to my waist so maybe the bottom of my jacket will get wet. If I can’t help myself and I just have to go in further, I’ve always taken my jacket off. Just never thought about keeping it on. Often when I’m in my kayak or SUP I’ll wear a hoodie sweatshirt and I’ll jump in with that on so I’m not sure if that counts.

9) Do the people you date know about your liking wetlook?

Absolutely. It may not be on the first date but certainly soon after becoming intimate. I guess that also begs the question, how do I tell them? Well, often I’ll tell them when I’m wet so it’s pretty easy. Somehow I may have ended up in water and more often than not they’ll ask what that’s about and I’ll just say I like how it feels and it turns me on. I try to make it fun so it’s not just blatently sexual. That’s why I prefer getting wet outside. It seems to me that if you get in a bath and tell someone that’s what turns you on it might not be taken as well as if you initially present it as something fun. And bottom line, I think that’s what wetlook is, fun. Sure, it’s sexy and erotic but I also do it because it’s fun and makes me feel good. I don’t always get horny when I get wet but I always enjoy it for numerous reasons. It connects me to a part of my life where things were more innocent, it’s almost illicit which brings on an adrenaline rush which is very addictive, you feel like you’re getting away with something, it’s different. Sometimes, like now, I really can’t explain why I like it so, I just do.

10) Have you ever gotten wet during the day and gone back to work wet?

Yes, many times. The people at my office have almost gotten used to seeing me wet. A few years ago, when I was at the first big signing of a new client, we were at a local hotel using one of their meeting rooms and after the deal was done I was almost giddy with excitement. We signed the deal because of my work and I was totally stoked and as we were walking around celebrating I saw the pool and just veered away from the group ran and jumped in the pool. I really didn’t even think about it. I’d had a glass of champagne but it wasn’t that. I was just so excited that it was just something I did. Fortunately everyone thought it was funny and laughed because they could all see just how excited and happy I was.

Of course we all went back to the office and before we’d been back 5 minutes everyone had heard about and stopped by my office to see if it was true. After that it sort of became a tradition so now more and more people are joining me including one of the other partners.

Also, our office is near the ocean so a few times when it’s been raining I’ll go out to lunch, go down to the beach, get in the ocean, shower off and come back to the office. Of course I’ll blame it on the rain but I’m sure some people suspect otherwise.

I had another instance of getting wet in the line of work where I had to go swimming in some very yucky water and had to keep my heels on and everything because I didn’t want to get a nail or something else in my foot. I may write a blog about it some day.

11) Do you ever get wet in a bathtub or shower?

No and sort of yes. I haven’t been in a bathtub in clothes since I was a little kid, probably nine or so. It just doesn’t do anything for me anymore. I wouldn’t say I’ve out grown it, I just enjoy other ways of getting wet now. The shower you ask? Well sort of yes, sort of no. Just to get in the shower to get wet is something that I also haven’t done in years but if I’m already wet and need to warm up or rinse off, sure, I do that all the time. Both my indoor shower and outdoor one.

Well okay, I guess I should claify that. I dated a guy that was into wetlook and quite often when he was showering I’d get in with him with my clothes on. But just me knocking around the house, no.

12) Do you have any tattoos?

Yes, it’s very personal. I’m part American Indian and it depicts the struggle and decimation of our people by the government. If you want to hear the horrors of what can happen with unfettered immigration, ask a Native American. Okay, that will be my last political statement.

13) Have you ever had sex in wet clothes?

Yes, numerous times. More times than I can count with aforementioned boyfriend but also many times with others. Wetlook is often a very erotic thing for me and when I get wet, often I get horny and when I’m with someone and I’m horny we both get to enjoy the fruits of my “fetish”. Of course with some clothes it’s easier than others. It’s always a conundrum, I get wet in jeans more than anything else but they’re also the hardest to deal with and have sex. Obviously skirts and dresses are the easiest and there are times when I knew I’d be with a guy I liked, knew I’d be getting wet and wore a skirt or dress in a situation that I might have normally worn jeans.

14) Are you embarrassed if others see you in wet clothes?

That’s kind of a hard question. Sometimes I don’t worry about it and others, yes, it’s embarrassing. I don’t necessarily mean because I’m wearing something that’s become transparent and revealing, for all my brave talk, there are lots of times where I feel the whole world is looking at me, laughing at me, and judging me. What I’ll usually do in those situations is make sure I’m wearing dark glasses and just don’t look at anyone directly, just look slightly down and ahead and get to where I’m going. Hopefully they won’t even remember me the next day. My therapist is especially proud of those moments.

15) How can I tell my girlfriend I like wet clothes?

I sort of touched on that earlier but the main thing I’d say is make it fun. Don’t come out and say, “Oh hey, I like this weird thing,” and then plop down into the bathtub. To be honest, if I’m not wet and with the person, I’m a chicken and tell them over the phone. I still make it sound like fun but I let them know it’s important to me and give them examples of how it can be fun. To be honest, I’ve never had someone say, “ewww.” Many don’t really understand it and will only do it once or twice or not at all, in that case the relationship doesn’t progress very far. But for the most part, most people take it well and go along with it. I’ve had, I think, a few converts. A few people that I’ve done it with then look for places to do it with me or even on their own but thinking back on it, that was only two or three people.

16) Are you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Skype, FaceTime, etc.?

No, Yes, No, Yes (just recently), No, No, No, No. For as technical, social, and contact oriented as my professional life is, my personal life is extremely unconnected. I update my Facebook account maybe three of four times a year and just look at it, maybe once a month to see if I missed anything important and no, I’ve found that I haven’t. I text very little. I like talking to people in person. I use my phone as a tool to set up times to meet people, not as a method of replacing personal contact. I like seeing someone’s face and expression when I talk to them, I like touching people when we talk. I’m a very touchy feely person.

That being said, a guy that I’m in contact with set up a Tumblr account and encouraged me to set up one also so I could see his pictures. So, if you have a Tumblr account and want me to follow you, just send me a request. If you’d like to look at his pictures, some of which I think are very hot, his account is

17) How do you keep your phone dry when you get wet?

I’ve ruined several phones, one intentionally and several unintentionally. I have waterproof pouches called Aquapacs which I usually have several at work, in my cars and truck and at home. I keep my the key fobs for my cars in them when I’m going to get wet and pouches for my phone also. The phone ones are pretty bulky so I’ll usually leave my phone in my car but if I have it and didn’t know I was going to get wet, I’ll eithe hide it, place it somewhere safe or have someone hold it for me. The same goes for my key fobs. Of course there have been times where I’ve been so excited about getting wet that I forget to check myself out and go in with the phone or key fob. The key fobs survive fairly well, I’ve only ruined two, but I’ve probably ruined 15 or 20 phones. Yeah, I know, there are some out there that believe I should be drawn, hanged and quartered for such a shamefull display of ruined technology.

18) Do you wear shoes when you get wet?

Again, sometimes yes, sometimes no. Obviously if I’m going to the beach no. I know, there are videos of women wearing heels at the beach but seriously, have you ever tried walking in heels, much less heels in sand? It’s a good way to twist an ankle. As to tennis shoes, yeah, I know, those of you on the continent call them trainers but bear with me for using this terminology, once again, sand is pertty uncomfortable when it gets into tennis shoes and, invariably, when walking in sand then once you get into the surf, it’s impossible to keep the sand out. I almost never wear socks so there wouldn’t be anything to keep the sand from abrading my feet.

When going into fountains or pools, it just kind of depends. When I’ve done it after meetings for work, I keep my shoes on, when I get into fountains, about half the time I leave them on, about half the time, I take them off. I can’t really say why either way. As for tennis shoes when I’m out and about, I’ll usually leave them on. I love the sound shoes make when you walk in them wet and I especially like how the water seeps out the seams and tops. If I know I’m going to be wet for a long time, I’ll usually take the shoes off except if I’m hiking. In that instance I’ll have socks on but otherwise, wearing wet shoes for hours without socks is really hard on the skin of my feet.

19) Have you ever ruined anything getting it wet?

Yes, I ruined a sweater when I was a kid. Well actually I put it in the dryer after getting it wet so I guess it really wasn’t the fault of getting wet.

A couple of years ago I was able to attend the Oscars and an after party. At the party sort of accidentally, sort of on purpose, I ended up in the pool with a few other people. I’d gotten a Versace dress made out of silk. Once in the pool we horsed around a bit and I’m not sure if that’s what ruined the dress or just getting wet would have done it but either way, it was absolutely ruined. That really stung not only because it was super expensive but I thought it was an absolutely gorgeous dress and I really would have liked to be able to wear it again.

20) Do you do messy?

Not intentionally. I’m a neat freak. As I mentioned earlier I had to swim in some very dirty water once but it’s not something that I’d search out and do. Frankly I never even thought about it until I found the Wetlook Forum.

21) Do you ever get embarrassed and not go in the water?

Yes. For all my bold, brave talk, there are times where I just can’t work up the nerve to do it. If there are a ton of people about and it would be super odd, maybe not, it just depends on my mood. If I’m with someone I’ll always get wet. Sort of the strength in numbers thing. Even if they’re not getting wet it’ll give me courage.

22) Have you ever gotten wet in leather pants?

Nope. I’ve never had any but after talking with a few people about it, I may try it.

23) Do you think God made us this way, liking wetlook?

I’m an atheist so first of all, I don’t believe in God. Why do we like it when others don’t, I couldn’t answer that either. For me, I know where it came from but my situation is different from others so I can’t speak for anyone else.

24) Some of your blogs mention women in a sexual way, are you bisexual?

I wasn’t going to mention much sexual here but I’ve gotten this several times so I guess I’ll answer it. I’m not a big fan of labels but I guess if I had to answer, yes. I’ve been intimate with both women and men and have had long term relationships with both.

25) Do you like getting wet slowly or all at once like jumping in a pool?

Now that’s a hard one. Both? It just depends on the situation. If someone put a gun to my head and said I had to answer, I’d probably have to tell them to shoot me. Really, it just depends on the situation and how I feel at the moment. If I’m at a pool and going to get in and it’s a warm day, half the time I’ll jump in and others I’ll wade in slowly.

26) Have you ever gotten into bed in wet clothes?

No. Never even thought about it. I wouldn’t want to ruin my mattress. I do have a set of rubber sheets for more of a sexual purpose so I suppose I could use those but I just never thought of it before.

27) Do you usually wear underwear and if so, what kind?

Again, sometimes yes and sometimes no. If I wear it, it’s usually a thong or g-string. I’ve had guys ask me, “How can you stand that thing wedged between your crack, doesn’t it drive you crazy?” Well it wouldn’t take much gas for that drive, sorry, bad joke, but once you get used to it I can’t imagine wearing anything else. It does take a few days to get used to it but you never have a bunch of material creeping up your ass, panty lines are lessened and so on and on.

28) Will you post more pictures of yourself? Will you send me pictures of you?

No. Probably not. I don’t like most pictures of myself and I just don’t think I look that good wet.

29) Does your family know about you liking wetlook?

I have no family, so no. Before they died, no.

30) Can I meet you?

No. I’ve had to get four restraining orders and as such have a CCW permit and a black belt in Aikido but even so, I want to reduce the chances of needing another restraining order or having to use my CCW or black belt.

31) How do you meet the guys you date?

Friends set me up, just walking on the beach and a couple of times at restaurants. Just haven’t met mister right. Well I have but that’s a different story.

32) Do you have any hobbies or play any sports?

Yes, and kind of. I’m an avid photographer and am huge into HDR photography and even bigger into astral photography. Usually I only sleep between four and six hours a night which leaves me more time to persue my interests so obviously, since I love astral photography, I’m a night owl. Usually I go to bed around 3:00 or 4:00 am and I’m usually up by about 8:00 am. I’ve never played in any team sports but I participate in several individual sports. I like kayaking, stand up paddleboarding, water skiing, surfing, kite boarding, snow skiing, speed riding and fencing.

33) The nicest thing is to get into a lake or into the calm sea and slowly immerse with my pants into the water, just love it! Can you share that or what are exciting moments for you?

I’m lazy here so I’ll cut and paste my answer but slightly change a few things. We’d been talking about underwear so my answer was sort of pertaining to that.

When I wear underwear it’s usually pretty small, a thong or g-string so it’s not a feel thing but sort of like you mentioned, a mental thing. For me, once my underwear is wet, I’m committed to being soaked. Up until that point I could get out and dry off fairly easily but once the underwear is wet it’s beyond the point of stopping. At that point you know you won’t be able to dry off easily because of not only the underwear having to dry but the more material around your crotch and how that material is tighter so it takes longer to dry.
That’s always my point when my underwear gets wet, at that point I’ll almost certainly get completely soaked. Even in super cold water if I get my underwear wet, I’m going to dunk all the way to my shoulders.
Also, for me, when the water hits my crotch is so erotic. The feeling is almost indescribable. It’s that cool wet feeling on that very warm part of my body. It’s especially erotic if the water is really cold. The feeling as the water soaks through my underwear and hits my pussy almost seems like steam comes off or something. I’m so horny at that point and probably wet inside that the cool water feels so incredible.




The Neighbors Pool, Cont.

So after I was able to get in the neighbor’s pool the first time, the next week I went in twice and then after that it became pretty regular. This happened in September so before too long the water started to get pretty cool.

After awhile I almost became used to the nervousness of making sure my dips weren’t discovered, getting quite familiar with the neighbor’s schedule. During the winter, most of the time I’d only get wet up to my waist and experiment with other clothes and then just before getting out I’d duck under to get completely soaked before hoping the fence back out.

Also, my wall climbing skills improved which made the trips over easier and easier. My first foray into their yard was a few months before my tenth birthday but by the time I was 12 I’d grown to my now full height of 5′-8″ so that also made the wall jump easier, along with developing my arm strength from my almost daily wall hops.

I very easily remember by that time I could scale any part of the wall and be over with ease, almost like it was three feet high.

By the time the next summer rolled around I’d tested out almost all my clothes to see how they felt when wet but I hadn’t been able to swim much.

I found that I liked pants the best since, with a dress or skirt, no clothing got wet until I was a ways down into the water. I found that the feeling of the pants brushing against the tops of my feet was one of the things I liked the most.

Finally when the pool water started to warm and I was able to swim I really found what I liked best. I’d worn shoes into the pool, everything from boots and tennis shoes to sandals and ballet flats but for the most part I preferred being barefoot.

One Tuesday I hopped the fence and I’d noticed the water had gotten warmer and warmer through spring but suddenly that day it was much warmer, apparently they’d turned on the heater the weekend before. I was ecstatic.

Through the winter and spring, what I’d do is step into the pool and then get back out several times, each time getting wetter and wetter until I was ready to get out then I’d duck under and then get out and jump back over the wall and be done. That day was fantastic. I took my first step down into the pool and as soon as my feet told my mind the water was suddenly warm, I stepped back out of the pool and did something I’d wanted to do since my first time getting into their pool.

They had a diving board at the deep end but when I first started getting into the pool in the fall I’d been too nervous to make any sound and during the winter it was too cold, but I knew this would be the day.

So far all my swims had been gradual wettings but as I walked over to the diving board my heart was pounding, almost like it had been the first day I’d gotten in the pool. I had on a pair of corduroy pants and blouse that I’d worn to school and as I looked behind me as I walked, I saw those oh so familiar footprints with the half moon circle of wet behind each foot.

I got to the diving board and at first sat on the edge and let my feet dangle in the water and kicked my feet back and forth, loving the wet feel of my pants as the wetness crept farther and farther up with each kick. I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time to waste so I finally stood up and got ready for my dive.

This is also something that I’d been looking forward to for so long that I was super nervous. I did a couple of small test jumps on the board just to sort of savor the anticipation. Each time I went a little higher until finally I decided this was it. I made another push down on the board and this time leaned forward on the way up, and suddenly I knew I was beyond the point of no return to dryness. I was committed and also sort of scared. What if I made too much noise and one of the other neighbors heard me, what if I’d waited too long, I was afraid a million things could go wrong but now there wasn’t anything I could do about it. I was so excited it seemed like I was in the air forever until I finally sunk under the water. Suddenly my clothes were plastered to me like they were three sizes too small and I was encased by my favorite thing, water.

I swam underwater to the shallow end, feeling my clothes loose their grip on me the farther I went. By the time I surfaced, standing in waist deep water, my cords were still tight but flowing around my legs and my blouse again clung to me like a second skin. My nerves had dissipated in mid air and I was totally excited. I quickly got out and ran back over to the diving board and jumped again, feet first this time.

Wow, the feelings were completely different. When I dove in, my clothes had been plastered against my body as the water flowed across me like an airplane through heavy air but this was differently great. It was like the water was trying to pull my clothes off my body over my head.

My cords had a flare bottom so of course the water shot up under them and pushed the bottoms of them almost up to my knees and my blouse was pushed up to my armpits. What was even better, once I reached the bottom of the pool and my descent stopped and I pushed up to the surface, my clothes again totally changed position and went from being pushed up me to now being pulled down again.

I’d never felt that before and loved the two feelings so close together. I surfaced and swam back underwater to the steps and stood up before walking out of the pool. I needed to leave but had to jump in one more time. I ran back to the diving board, dove in and swam underwater to the stairs and almost shot out of the pool.

When I stepped out onto the pool deck I just flooded the deck because so much water was on me and it flooded down my body as I raced to the wall and jumped over. Usually when I’d get back into our backyard I’d still be dripping a little bit but today as I walked to our back door I still had water streaming off me.

I washed the chlorine off me with the hose and got my clothes in the dryer, changed into something dry and then went back outside. I wanted to see how much water I’d gotten onto their pool deck and see if it would dry before the neighbor got home.

First I checked to make sure he wasn’t home yet then looked over to the pool. I saw there was a ton of water by the stairs and I was pretty worried that it would never dry in time but then I got crazy. Without even really thinking what I was doing I jumped back over the fence and jumped in the pool again.

Part of me thought that I’d already left so much water that a little more wouldn’t make any difference and another just wanted to get wet one more time. I swam over to the deep end and got out there so I wouldn’t leave more water by the stairs, ran around the pool and hopped back over the fence.

Now I really had to move because I had to rinse off these clothes, a pair of jeans and t-shirt, and get them in the dryer and have both outfits dry before my dad got home.

The rest of the summer went along those same lines. By the end of the summer I’d gone swimming in every piece of clothing and shoes I had. Since I was out of school, every day, when the wife left for work after coming home for lunch, I’d wait 15 minutes or so and hop the fence and be in the pool for the rest of the afternoon. I’d gone in all my school clothes, my jeans and shirts, even my church clothes. I’m sure if my parents ever knew about my church clothes they would have especially killed me.

I’d found a way I could tread water, sort of like peddling a bike, if I was wearing jeans I could give myself an orgasm without even touching myself. It was a very odd maneuver. I’d start by treading water and then move my thighs only up and down, by the end of the summer I was having two and three orgasms a day.

I’d go in the pool and swim a bit, I’d get out and lay on the warm pool deck and feel the water stream off my body and then get up, look at my wet shadow, jump back in and repeat it.

I hardly noticed it but slowly by late October I finally realized that they’d turned off the heater and the pool was cooling down. Damn. Finally, by mid November it was so cool that I was back to just getting wet up to my waist and then before getting out, ducking under and getting soaked before leaving.

I could hardly wait for the next summer.

Yea, about the time school was almost out, the heater came back on. I was getting older and for birthdays and Christmas, people were now giving me clothes instead of toys and I’d saved most of them from my wettings until I could initiate them correctly by swimming.

Once their heater came back on I was back, and within a couple of weeks, once again all my clothes had been swimming with me.

That’s when I learned a few lessons. I’d been given this really nice sweater and it felt great swimming in it. I’d put a pair of jeans on with only the sweater when I went swimming. The sweater was so soft it almost felt like a dogs breath on my now budding breasts. That day I swam the whole day in those jeans and sweater. It was a light cream and I was starting to notice the more visual aspect of wetlook. Of course before I’d seen how light clothes got see through and dark things got shiny but with that sweater, for the first time I noticed my nipples through the sweater.

The whole time I was treading water to give myself an orgasm I was looking down at my nipples through my sweater. I was fascinated with the bubbles under the sweater made lighter places and where there were no bubbles I could see the now flesh colored sweater and then my nipples.

When I was done swimming for the day I hopped back over the wall and rinsed off and paid particular attention to my chest as I hosed off. I’d never thought I looked sexy before but right there standing under the hose, I thought I looked really great.

Finally I knew I had to get my clothes into the dryer before my dad got home so I peeled the sweater and jeans off and put them in the dryer and then put on some dry clothes. When they were done I took them out of the dryer and panicked. My sweater had shrunk so much that I knew I could never wear it again.

I didn’t know that some things couldn’t go in the dryer, nothing else had ever done that, and I started crying. That sweater had felt so nice wet and looked so sexy I figured I was being punished, at the time I didn’t realize it was just the kind of material. I realized I had to throw it away and just hope my mom didn’t realize it was missing for awhile.

One day in early August of that year I was swimming when I heard someone say, “Lindsey, what are you doing?” I freaked. I was near the shallow end and I dashed up the steps and looked where the sound had come from. The man was standing in the open sliding glass door looking at me like I was a maniac.

I started stammering I was sorry and started crying and I knew I was dead. He’d tell my parents about what I was doing and I didn’t even want to think what they’d do to me.

I just kept repeating, “I’m sorry,” through my sobs and pleaded to not tell my parents. He’d come out the door and he was saying he was sorry he’d scared me and finally settled me down.

He asked me what was wrong and I told him that my parents would kill me if they knew I’d been swimming in his pool and I kept repeating that I was sorry. He kept telling me everything was okay, that he didn’t mind if I went swimming in their pool but he asked me why I had my clothes on.

I just blurted out that I really liked it and it was fun and felt good. He was really understanding and said I could swim in their pool any time I wanted but said I could wear my bathing suit, that I didn’t have to sneak in in my clothes.

I was still pretty scared but he held out his arms and hugged me when I came to him and I finally calmed down. When we broke our hug he said I could just go through the gate any time I wanted to go swimming. He asked me if I’d done it before and I sort of stammered out a yes, figuring out if he knew how often he’d get mad but I finally told him I’d been doing it every day.

At that he laughed and said a few times he’d thought he’d noticed damp places around the pool but had never paid attention to it. He sort of jokingly said he expected to see me in the pool when he got home the next day and again reassured me that I wasn’t in trouble.

When I finally realized that I really wasn’t in trouble I again hugged him and thanked him a bunch of times. I told him that I had to get home and get my clothes in the dryer and he said he was serious about expecting to see me in their pool the next day.

I said okay and turned and hopped the wall. He called after me and I turned to look at him looking over the wall and he said, “Lindsey, seriously, use the gate, you can swim any time.”

“Thanks Mr. H,” I said.

“You know my name is Earl,” he said, “Just call me that.”

“Okay, thank you again.”

Once I got my clothes in the dryer and was back in my room I tried to figure out what I was going to do next. I didn’t know if I should wear a bathing suit the next day or my clothes. I was didn’t know if he’d be mad if I wasn’t there the next day and if I was there, if he’d be mad if I had my clothes on.

That was all I thought about that night and the next morning. Finally I decided I’d wear clothes so I put on a pair of tight jeans and a dark blue t-shirt that was a touch too small. By that point I sort of knew a little about sex and male female attraction, not that I’d had sex or even had a boyfriend or anything, but I knew I wanted him to think I looked good and that way maybe he wouldn’t mind if I swam in my clothes.

Of course in retrospect I realize how wrong that was in so many ways but I was a scared, confused girl who had never had a healthy relationship of any kind with an adult. My parents were abusive so I was pretty messed up in the head.

I jumped the wall, going around to the gate seemed so odd to me that I wasn’t ready to go there yet, and got in the pool but my heart wasn’t in it. I was too nervous to have a good time and I guess I was just going through the motions until Earl got home and I would find out how things would go.

Sooner than I expected I heard the sliding glass door open and his, “Hi Lindsey.”

I was sitting on the top step and turned to see him smiling at me but when I saw the smile go away I got scared.

“I told you, you can wear your bathing suit you know,” he said.

“I know,” I said “But I really don’t like wearing it, if it’s okay I’d rather wear my clothes.”

He gave me a bit of a funny look and asked why. I told him I really didn’t know but it just felt good and I really liked it. He seemed to accept that and smiling, said I could wear whatever I wanted.

It was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and I got off the steps and went up and hugged him. I then turned around and jumped back in the pool while he sat down and had a beer and watched me swim for a few minutes.

The rest of the summer went by pretty quick. Sometimes Earl would come out and swim with me while others he’d just sit out with a beer and talk with me. He bought a raft for me to lay on and I loved it and would probably spend half my time on the raft, loving the feel of my back wet, with my legs and arms in the water as my chest was warmed by the sun.

By the end of the summer Earl had come to be sort of a father figure to me. I could talk to him like almost an equal and I started to open up to someone for the first time in my life. He didn’t realize that I even went in the pool in the winter and seemed to be amazed how I could withstand the cold water.

I kept swimming at Earl’s house until I moved out of my parents house when I was 17 1/2. I’d found out about boys, had sex, tried drugs, and basically grew into a young woman. He  never made me feel weird about swimming in my clothes, never seemed to make any kind of judgements, and would always listen when I had a problem.

Earl died when I was 20 but I think of him often and occasionally, when I get wet in a particular way, it makes me think of him and smile.

The Portland Sheraton

Last October, this is now 2016 so of course it would have been 2015, I was going up to Portland to check out some stuff that was related to my line of work.

The weekend before I’d gone out with a guy who seemed pretty interesting so on the Wednesday before leaving, I asked him if he wanted to accompany me and he said yes.

We flew out Friday at about 3:00 so we got there a little after 5:00. I’m pretty anal when I travel so I’d printed out a lot of places to eat, places to have drinks, places to see some live music, etc. To stay, I’d picked the Sheraton at the airport for several reasons, one being that I saw pictures online of their pool area and that’s always a big deal for me, for obvious reasons.

I got a suite and we were in the room by 6:00 and normally I would have immediately checked out the pool but I figured that by the time we finished dinner and saw some live music that by the time we got back to the hotel, the pool would have been closed so I just figured I’d check it out the next day. We got dressed and were out of the room by about 6:30. We got out of the elevator and walked by the pool area. I stopped briefly to check it out but it was packed with kids and families so I didn’t even go inside, just scoped it out and briefly tried to figure out how I was going to get in with this guy that I’d just met the weekend before.

Uber picked us up and we ate dinner and had a bottle of wine, had another Uber take us to a bar that had live music, had several more drinks and by about midnight we were both tired and very drunk. I really don’t drink much and it’s been several years since I could say I was really drunk but this night I was really drunk. And I mean really drunk. We both literally staggered outside for the Uber back to the hotel. I hadn’t been this drunk for probably 10 years.

If I’d planned on getting this drunk, which I never would have, I would have worn something different. Like jeans and a sweater or something, instead I’d worn this flimsy, thin silver dress, a small white g-string and a pair of four inch glittery silver pumps.

We got back to the Sheraton and almost fall out of the car. This is going to sound silly or stupid but I was so drunk that while we were both having a hard time even coming close to walking in a straight line, it never occurred to me to take my heels off. Besides I’m not a big fan of walking around places I don’t know, barefoot.

We stagger past the front desk and bar and head down the hallway to the elevators. I was paying attention to walking upright when I heard Dylan, the guy I was with, say, “I’m surprised the pool is still open much less has people in it.”

It was like someone had a rope attached to me and pulled it, because I spun around and asked, “It is?” Looking back on it I would have a hard time turning like that even sober. I remember walking one way and then my next step was going in the exact opposite direction.

Dylan and I had been holding hands and I don’t think he even realized I’d turned until our arms tightened and stretched and I pulled him back toward the pool. Without even braking stride, after taking the couple of steps back to the door to the pool area, I opened the door and almost dragged Dylan into the pool area with me.

For a large part of the evening I’d been trying to figure out how to get in the pool with my clothes on but as we had more and more to drink I’d forgotten about it. I really wasn’t even thinking of it now. I just was sort of operating on auto pilot. It was an indoor pool and I’d been wondering if the water was cool or warm so without even thinking, I walked over to the edge of the pool to find out.

“What are you doing,” Dylan asked and I said I just wanted to see if the water was cool or warm. I really wasn’t even aware there were other people in the pool and spa. You know how you get when you’re drunk, at least for me, I’m very focused and have tunnel vision because otherwise you’ll miss that thing that at the time, seems so important.

I walked to the edge on the pool and reached down to test the water with my hand and my momentum just carried me forward and head over heels I went into the pool. The pool was blessedly cool and of course that sobered me up right away but I was pretty shocked when I surfaced.

I had honestly not intended to go in like that, which made it even better. My surprise was evident and I realized that everyone in the pool area, including Dylan, was laughing. I started laughing too and looked around to see who else was in the pool area.

Aside from Dylan there were six other people. There was a couple in the pool with me and they were on the other end, both sitting on the steps, and looked to be in their late teens or early 20’s,  and three people in the spa and a woman in a chair by the spa. Needless to say the ones in the pool had bathing suits on, as did I assumed, the ones in the spa. The woman in the chair was wearing black pants and a maroon top.

I was at the edge of the pool and tried to get Dylan to jump in with me but he was having nothing to do with it, so I pushed away and dove down to the bottom of the pool. I hadn’t intended to get in but now that I was, it was fantastic.

Usually if I’m planning on getting wet I’ll wear pants because the sensations are full body instead of with a dress, it’s just from mid-thigh up but even so, I realized this dress was not so great to swim in. It was a very thin material and there was almost no resistance as I swam so it was almost like I was naked which sort of defeats the purpose of wetlook, the feelings as the material of your clothes caressing your body as you move through the water is for me, one of the best parts.

No surprise considering the field I work in, I’m very visually oriented for a woman so I also very much appreciate the visual aspects of wetlook. I love the shiny nature clothes take on when wet, I love seeing my wet footprints as I walk around, I like how transparent some clothes get when wet, and I love seeing both men and women get wet.

Also, usually after getting in the water, if I went in with my shoes on I’d kick them off to swim better, but this time I decided to keep them on to heighten the sensations of being in the pool in my clothes but also because I could tell it was bugging Dylan. When I first surfaced he told me to get out and when I tried to get him to come in he told me to at least take my shoes off.

Yeah, I know, I don’t like people telling me what to do.

I swam around for a bit, loving the feeling of being in the pool and I wasn’t even thinking of looking weird because I figured it was pretty obvious to everyone there that I was drunk and they’d just write it off as that.

I did notice that the older couple in the spa and the couple on the steps of the pool had their eyes glued to me but didn’t think much about it, I was just having a great time swimming.

Dylan sat down in one of the lounge chairs away from the edge but I wanted him to come in the pool with me. When I got out and walked past the couple sitting on the pool steps I noticed that their eyes were about to pop out of their heads and I figured they’d never seen anyone in wet clothes. I still had my heels on but everything felt so sexy I didn’t want to take them off.

I went over to where Dylan was and straddled the chair and started to sit down on him but he was trying to keep me off him, saying he didn’t want to get his clothes wet. However, once I sat on his lap and started to kiss him he didn’t seem to mind so much. It was really hot to be there kissing him and feeling his dry pants get wet from my wet body and dress and also feel him harden between my legs.

When we broke the kiss I asked him to again come in the water with me and he said he didn’t want to but I said, “If you come in the pool with me you’ll get laid tonight,” which, surprisingly enough, didn’t seemed to change his mind. No matter what I said he wouldn’t agree to come in the pool with be and when I finally asked him why not, he said he didn’t want to look stupid.

That was a kissing mood killer and I asked him if I looked stupid and he of course tried to stammer out a reply and get out of the hot water that he could instantly tell that his comment had gotten him into. For an attorney I was unimpressed with his ability to come up quickly with a good response.

I got off him pretty quick and with my wet heels going squish, squish with every step, I got to the edge of the pool and dove back in. When I surfaced he’d moved over to the edge of the pool so I swam over to him and he again tried explaining that only he would look stupid if he jumped in but I was still a little peeved. Normally I would have splashed him but at that point I didn’t think his response would have been positive so I just pushed away from the edge and swam around for a bit.

I saw the older couple had gotten out of the spa and gathered up their stuff and the younger couple, one of whom I assumed was one of their kids, and hurried out of the pool area. Dylan rolled up his pant legs and stuck his feet on the top step and when I swam over to him he had a huge smile on his face.

“You know,” he said, “You ought to take that dress off because you’re as good as naked with it on, and that way, people wouldn’t think you’re weird for swimming in your clothes.” Boy, this guy sure knew how to score points, didn’t he?

I really hadn’t paid too much attention but I looked down and saw he was right. My dress had pretty much disappeared. It just looked like someone had dyed my skin a pale silver color where the dress was but that was about it. No wonder it hadn’t felt like it moved much while I was swimming, it was so light and thin it had just molded to my skin and kind of clung there.

I pointed out to him that since I was technically dressed no one could really say anything but if I was naked I could be arrested. I again moved close to him and straddled him and again sat on his lap and kissed him. After my sitting on him previously, by now his lap and legs were pretty wet. He certainly reciprocated my kisses and when we broke the kiss I had ahold of his hand and pulled him as I backed into the pool.

He didn’t put up much resistance and once we were both standing waist deep in the pool, I again kissed him, getting his chest wet as well as his pants. We continued to kiss as I maneuvered us backwards until we were both submerged over our shoulders then I hopped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and one of his hands held me there as the other pulled us together as we continued our kiss.

I absolutely love the feel of a wet body against mine and reveled in the warmth of our chests touching as my hands roamed across his shirt covered back. He moved his hand from my back down to my butt and I felt him move my dress aside as his hand cupped my bare butt.

I loved the way his shirt felt loose and billowy around my hands as I ran them up, across and down his body. With my thighs I could feel his shirt and the top of his pants and my calves rubbed up and down his legs, feeling the warmth of his skin through his cool wet pants. That was so sensual as I felt my bare legs rub up and down his pants, a feeling so completely different from if I had pants on myself.

I was feeling a tingling between my legs and could tell it wouldn’t take much for me to have an orgasm. We kept kissing as he backed me up against the side of the pool which felt oh so sexy. It was almost like I was trapped between his wet, clothed body and the edge of the pool and he pushed with his chest against mine. I finally realized he was pinning me there so his hand that was holding me could explore my body and in between my legs. I was so horny right then, if he would have pulled his pants down I would have fucked him there against the edge of the pool.

He was running his hands up and down my body and one of them moved between my legs and before long one of his fingers reached up inside me and I immediately had an orgasm. Oh my God, he knew how to work his fingers and as I was pinned there I had a couple more orgasms until he finally, gently, removed his finger. At my first orgasm I’d broken our kiss so I could breathe but now I renewed the kiss with a fever.

I finally broke the kiss and said, “I want to go back to the room and fuck you ’till you pass out,” and he smiled and said he’d like that but he was cold and wanted to get in the spa to warm up before going up to the room.

“You’ve got to be kidding, you’re killing me,” I said. Usually when I’m wet I don’t notice cold water or if I’m cold, and I certainly didn’t notice it now, but I did see that he had goosebumps on his arms.

“I’m not sure if I can walk over there and get in the spa with those people looking like this,” I said motioning down my body.

“That’s okay,” he said, “If they mind they can get out and then we’ll have the spa to ourselves.”

I liked the sound of that so we got out to walk to the pool. Once out of the pool I kicked my heels off and walked over and got a towel and wrapped it around me before walking over to the spa. On the way over, Dylan whispered to me that he thought I should put my heels back on because it looked much sexier and I told him that if the other couple left I’d put them back on.

The couple had been kissing when we were getting out of the pool and when we got to the spa and I noticed that the woman that had been sitting in the chair with clothes on still had them on but now that she was in the pool it looked like they were both fondling each other and we asked if they minded if we joined them.

They said of course not so as I slipped into the water I took my towel and set it on the edge. I felt a little exposed and didn’t want to completely flash them.

I’ll always talk to people when they’re around and we started talking and they were super nice. I’d thought they were my age but it turns out that they were both 43. Just an aside here, at the time I didn’t know it but Dylan was 52.

Their names were Kim and Jay and Kim and I hit it off almost instantly, it was almost like talking to myself. When we sat down in the spa I made sure my dress was under my ass because I didn’t want it to float up like I knew it would but most of the time Kim’s shirt was floating on the surface and I, and I’m sure the guys, got an occasional glance at her breasts.

At one point she stood up and sat on the edge of the spa and I saw that she was wearing tights, not pants like I’d first thought. She really looked sexy as she sat on the edge. Her shirt was plastered to her like a second skin and it was apparent she didn’t have a bra on and unless she had on a g-string on like me I was pretty sure she was commando.

I started to get hot sitting completely underwater and asked them if they minded if I sat on the edge also and they said of course not. When I rose out of the water it was really sexy because I could tell that all three sets of eyes were on me. For a few seconds there was a bit of an awkward silence until Kim broke the ice when she laughingly said she suddenly didn’t feel so exposed.

We all laughed and after that we talked for almost an hour. We laughed because Jay said he got the impression the older and younger couples that had been in the pool were Morman and they were very shocked when I fell in the pool and then didn’t dash out right away.

As the four of us talked, whenever Dylan and I were in the water or when Kim and Jay were in the water we’d gotten pretty bold about our hands playing in each other’s laps and it was extremely sensual, knowing how turned on the four of us were.

Finally Dylan said he could barely keep his eyes open any longer and the rest of us realized how tired we were so we all got out of the spa. Since Dylan had previously said he thought I looked much sexier when I had my heels on I put them on, and before leaving I dove back into the pool.

They were waiting for me at the pool steps and as I got out Jay said, “That is an image that I hope never leaves my mind.”

Kim playfully punched him in the arm and I blushed like crazy as the four of us left the pool area. Their room was another way from ours so we hugged and the guys shook hands and we parted ways.

Kim was in pretty good shape, as was Jay and she felt so sexy to me when we hugged and there was a big part of me that wished we weren’t separating. We walked to the elevator and I looked back and saw our wet trail behind us and saw the wet trail following Kim and Jay. They looked so sexy walking away all wet and when I turned around I reached behind Dylan and put my hand in his back pant pocket.

Oops. I realized his wallet was in his pocket and pulled it out and he exclaimed, “Oh Shit!” That kind of broke the mood for him but when we got in the elevator I pushed him up against the side and started kissing him so he forgot about it pretty quick.

When the elevator door opened on our floor we had to peel ourselves off the elevator wall and again squelched down the hallway to our room.

I seldom get more than six hours of sleep a night, so I woke up before Dylan and when I tried getting him out of bed he was a grumpasaurus so I just left him a note to tell him that I was going to take my phone down to the restaurant and grab a bite and read the paper.

I’d been down there for an hour of so when Kim and Jay showed up and I waved and they came and sat down across from me. They asked where Dylan was and said he was probably still in bed and that I was surprised they were up so early.

They both laughed and Jay said with a smile that Kim had woken him early and they hadn’t been able to get back to sleep. I got that they were implying that they’d had sex and laughed with them.

Jay went to get a paper and Kim leaned forward and told me that they had to spend more time with me. She said Jay had been so turned on that when they were in their elevator he had pulled her tights off and she ran down the hallway bare assed and it was all they could do to wait to have sex until they got into their room. “It was a quickie but then this morning I made him take his time and get me off.”

We both laughed at that and she said that was the first time they’d had sex at night and then again in the morning since she didn’t know when. She asked if Dylan and I had had sex when we got to the room and I said like them, we could barely wait to get into the room. “I don’t think the door had even closed before he was in me,” I said with a smile.

We laughed and agreed that it had been a very sexy night, and morning in their case.

I’d found out the night before that Kim was in a field closely related to mine and their daughter was going to college there in Portland to pursue the same field as me. She and Jay were going to spend the day sightseeing and asked me if Dylan and I wanted to join them so I called Dylan and woke him up and ran it by him.

He said he had a terrible hangover, something I’d been lucky to have never experienced in my life, and said he was going to spend the day in bed. I hung up and told Kim and Jay that I’d love to accompany them.

We had a great day but I was sort of bummed. I hadn’t realized how many fountains there were in Portland and even though it was pretty cool, if I hadn’t been with them I would have gotten in a few of them.

As we were heading back to the hotel I called Dylan to see if he wanted to join us at a restaurant but when he finally answered his phone he said he was still feeling lousy and he was just going to stay in the room and maybe grab a bite to eat from the club lounge.

The three of us had dinner and then went out and had a couple of drinks. We got back to the hotel about and 10:00 and we agreed we’d change and meet at the pool after I looked in on Dylan. When I got into the room the lights were out and he was sound asleep to I dropped my stuff off and changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt and headed down to the pool.

When I got there Kim and Jay were already there and when she saw me she laughed and said Jay was hoping I’d have on the same thing as last night. He was embarrassed but I could also tell that she wasn’t joking so I told them I’d be right back.

Right away they started saying they were joking and I didn’t need to go but I said I was going to go to the bar and get a drink and I’d be back and asked if they wanted anything. They both said what they wanted so I first went up to the room and changed into my dress from the night before and heels but didn’t put on any undies. I hurried to the bar and got our drinks and when I opened the pool door they started laughing and said I didn’t have to change but thanked me for the drinks.

I knew from the night before that Kim hadn’t brought a bathing suit so I didn’t know what she’d wear tonight but I figured rightly that Jay would be wearing his bathing suit. Kim had on her same tights but tonight she had on a thin white crop top and as we headed over to the spa she said she hoped no one else came out to the pool because she’d be mortified if someone saw her in what she had on.

Before getting into the spa I set my drink on the edge and told them I was going to jump in the pool first. I absolutely love that transition from dry to wet and unlike last night, this time I was going to be able to enjoy it. As I walked to the deep end my my heart was pounding like a sledgehammer. I was super turned on because I knew I’d be getting in the water in my dress and heels but also very excited because I knew both Kim and Jay would like seeing me wet as much as I liked being wet.

As I walked, I also hoped no one else would come into the pool area because I figured it would probably dampen the obviously sexually charged atmosphere between the three of us. Once at the deep end, I turned and saw they were both looking at me so I did a little curtsey before putting the toes of my heels on the edge of the pool, kind of like they were peeking down at what they would soon to be entering. I stood there for several seconds and just reveled in the excitement and anticipation running through my body.

Finally I took that breath that you know will be your last before pushing off over the water. As is often the case when I’m so turned on and looking to getting wet, everything slowed down and I became intensely aware of my whole body.

I had my feet together, I bent my knees and swung my arms back before bringing them forward, almost like pulling my body into the air over the pool. I leaned forward and as I pushed off with my legs I felt that exquisite point where you know there is no going back now. I looked at Kim and Jay as I was moving forward and it almost felt like their eyes were literally glued to my body.

And oh, that feeling as you’re over the water. You know you’re going to hit the surface and the cool wetness is going to engulf you, every pore, every hair and every inch of your body is about to be soaked. Your mind is racing, trying to slow physics down so you can feel every inch of your body as the water travels up it but also looking forward to the almost instant thrill of the saturation.

Way too soon but far too quickly I hit the surface and submerged. My hair, dress, legs and heels suddenly soaked. I moved through the water, feeling the light tug of my dress as it flowed over and around my body. I sort of missed the feeling of the water flowing across my bare feet but at the same time loved the almost naughty feeling from having my heels on. Just the knowledge that I was doing something different, something that most other people would never dream of doing.

I swam underwater to the stairs and then stood up and with as much grace as I could, I slid out of the water and walked up the stairs. Jay and Kim had moved from the spa to near the stairs and I saw Jay’s lips form a “Wow.” They were both smiling.

Kim said she’d never thought of how sexy it would look but she said seeing me in my dress, dry and then as I walked over to the deep end she said she could almost see how I’d look so different once I was wet.

“That looks incredible,” Jay said and I told Kim she should do it too. “Oh, no, I couldn’t,” she said but when Jay also said she should I could tell she was going to relent.

I took her hand and said we should do it together and she said, “Okay,” as we walked to the deep end of the pool.

Now I was really excited. There is nothing as intoxicating as when you’re able to get wet with someone the first time.

I could see in my mind’s eye how she was going to look when we got out of the pool and I knew I was going to go up behind her so I could see the water stream off her as I felt it stream off me.

We got to the deep end and she said, “I don’t know,” but I gave her hand a squeeze and said, “Let’s dive together.”

On retrospect it’s kind of funny because I know on the walk over my heels must have been making that squelching sound but I didn’t even notice anything until we were both standing on the edge of the pool. I looked down and saw the puddle forming around my feet and saw how hers were dry and knew how soon that would change. As I looked I saw the water be pushed out of my shoes over the tops of my feet as I moved them and loved the feeling of how they seemed to suction tighter to my feet.

We both moved our hands forward together and only when they were out in front of us and we were following them into the pool did we let go. I had looked at Jay before jumping and saw that he was staring at us intently and I wished I could see through his eyes right then. I imagined how sexy we must look as we were mid air, one of us already wet, the other dry.

We hit the water together and as soon as my momentum slowed down I looked over to see if Kim had surfaced or was swimming under water. I saw her rise up to the surface so I followed her up and when my head got of the water she was laughing. We were sort of facing each other, standing in shoulder deep water and she moved forward and to my surprise, gave me a brief peck on the lips.

She hurried to the stairs and almost bound up them and into Jay’s arms and they locked into an embrace and kissed. I was sort of surprised at her reaction and didn’t know what to do so I got out of the pool and headed over to the spa.

It felt like I’d missed something so I got in the spa and watched as they continued to kiss for at least a minute or so. They finally broke the kiss and as they headed over to the spa I thought Kim looked very sexy because her top was pretty transparent and her tights were glistening as the water was still dripping off them.

Before they sank down into the water I saw that Jay’s erection was making a tent out of his bathing suit and I commented that it looked like they were having a good time. Kim sort of giggled and Jay just said, “Oh yeah.”

We sat there, in and out of the spa and pool until almost midnight. Twice Jay got up and went to the bar and get us each another drink and each time Kim would really open up. She said their sex lives had gotten stale but she said last night seemed to really light a fire up in both of them.

She said Jay hadn’t looked at her like he did when she came out of the pool in a couple of years and she said  it was probably because he was looking at me as well. I told her that I’d been looking at him and his eyes never even left her for a second.

I didn’t think about it at the time, but the second time Jay was gone, she asked me if Dylan would even notice if I didn’t return to the room that night. I sort of laughed and said probably not since he was snoring like a chain saw when I changed into my dress.

She started fumbling around under the water but through the jets of water and bubbles I couldn’t tell what she was doing until she held her tights up above the water and said, “Let’s see how long before Jay notices I don’t have these on anymore.”

I smiled and said judging from their prior groping, it probably wouldn’t be very long. “I hope not,” she said. She stood up and tossed the tights over under a chair not too far away and when she did I saw that she didn’t have anything else on other than her t-shirt.

We waited there giggling like a couple of school girls and continued with our sexy talk until the door opened and Jay walked through. He came over and handed us our drinks and then got in the spa but since Kim and I had moved pretty close together he sat across from us and we toasted.

We all talked but Kim and I kept giggling and finally Jay asked what was up. “Nothing,” Kim said but she stood up and sat on the edge of the spa, next to me and across from Jay.

It was hysterical to watch Jay because I thought his eyes were going to literally pop out of his head. His eyes were looking at her and then down to her crotch, back up at me for a second and then back to her face and then back down to her crotch.

He had a huge smile on his face and I looked over as she spread her legs and moved her hand between her legs and started playing with herself. He was mesmerized, as was I, and it took her saying, “Come here,” to break the spell and have him move over to her.

We stayed there in the pool area for probably 10 or 15 more minutes before we finally finished our drinks, gathered our stuff and left.

The Neighbor’s Pool

So once I figured out what orgasms were and how to get them, getting wet in clothes, several nights a week I’d take a bath in my clothes and bring myself to orgasm. Afterwards I’d sneak my wet clothes out of the bathroom and put them on the floor of my closet.

As I said in an earlier post it ruined the parquet flooring and eventually my parents found them and I got in serious trouble. I don’t remember what I told them how the clothes got wet, I’ve managed to block that out and didn’t write it down in my diary.

Some people have asked how I remember such detail of events, be they wetlook or every day. Since I was six I’ve kept a diary and since about eight, I write in it every day. It’s interesting to see how my writing has improved and changed over time. The advantages of school I suppose which would account for quality of writing and descriptions. Also, I’ve found that with prompting from rereading my diary, I can remember with startling clarity, events from 25 years ago.

After my parents found the wet clothes at the bottom of the closet I was in a quandary. I had to get wet and had to have my orgasms. I snuck over the fence and got into the neighbors pool once in my bathing suit but that was different. If anyone had seen me it probably would have been no big deal. Maybe.

But that was different, what I was thinking of doing now was hopping the fence in my clothes, swimming in their pool with my clothes on, and hopping back over the fence in my now wet clothes and getting them dry before my parents got home. Whew. To say I was nervous is an understatement. Somehow I knew it was inherently different or “wrong,” probably because of my conservative upbringing, so I already felt the need to hide what I was doing, which I guess, is the nature of a fetish.

For several weeks I studied their house and their patterns to see when they got home. Each day when I was doing this I’d first wet myself with the hose until I was soaked and then furtively keep looking over the fence to see when they arrived. I was having a blast getting wet every day but was mad with anticipation for that day that I could finally get in their pool with my clothes on.

I guess I’m kind of weird that way. You’d think I would have been perfectly satisfied to get wet just using the hose, but like with the bath, it just wasn’t as fulfilling. Now I understand it. Swimming, the feelings are entirely different. The way your clothes move around your body is nothing that can be recreated with a hose and nowhere near as well in a bath tub.

Finally the day came where I was going to try it. I usually got home by 3:15, the man next door almost never got home before 4:00 and my dad didn’t get home until shortly after 5:00, those were my windows of time.

I got home from school and put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. My heart was pounding from knowing the risk I was going to take and anticipating how good it was going to feel. I went into our back yard and I got to the lowest part of the wall, peeked over to confirm that neither of their cars were in the driveway, looked across the street to make sure no other neighbors were going to see me hop the wall and then it was go.

I was almost light headed from my heart pounding so hard and the adrenaline coursing through my body as I put my hands on the top of the fence, actually a concrete block wall, jumped and pulled myself up until I was finally on top of the wall, took one quick look around, and dropped down onto the ground right in front of their side garage door.

Was I quiet enough if they were home? I swear if someone had been next to me I was sure they could hear my heart pounding. I was trying to breathe as quietly as I could but it felt like the neighbors across the street could hear me.

I scurried over to the side door of their garage and looked in the window to make sure a car wasn’t in the garage and saw it was empty. Whew! I moved over to the window looking into their kitchen and dining room and peaked in and saw it was empty. Whew!

How burglars did this regularly was beyond me. Terrified is an understatement to describe how I felt. If anyone caught me I’d be in serious trouble but I had to keep going.

Now the moment of truth. I could almost feel the water as I quickly tiptoed over to the pool. My heart was beating a mile a minute, I felt like every hair on my body was an antenna on high alert and then I panicked.

I realized that once I stepped into the pool and then back out, my wet footprints would be all over their concrete pool deck and sidewalk, all the way from the edge of the pool to the fence where I’d have to jump back over. Shit! How long would it take to evaporate? It had to be gone before he got home, otherwise he’d know I’d been in the pool.

Suddenly I felt completely exposed so wildly I dashed back to the low part of the wall and jumped up and over the wall. The panic and adrenaline flowing through my body almost seemed to give me super human powers because it hardly felt like I touched the wall as I was over it and dropped down into our yard.

Ouch! Shit! I was barefoot, and while the ground on their side of the wall was concrete, on our side it was small rocks and I’d just landed on them from leaping over a five foot wall. I was sure I’d pierced my feet in ten different places each, which immediately displaced any adrenaline rush with pain shooting to my brain.

I hobbled off the rocks and sat down on the grass to examine my feet. To my relief there was no blood but wow they hurt. As the pain diminished it was being replaced with disappointment. I’d gotten myself so worked up and was so looking forward to my clothed swim that being back in our yard, dry, was almost crushing. I’d been looking forward to this day for two weeks and getting so close yet so far was maddening.

I was disappointed in myself that I’d forgotten such a small yet important detail, frustrated that I’d basically chickened out yet resolved to try it again. I know it sounds silly and so girlish but I started to cry, if nothing else than to relieve all the emotions that had been flooding through me for the last five minutes. My God, was that all the time that whole ordeal had taken, it had felt like an hour?

Once I stopped crying I got up and almost dejectedly walked over to the hose bib and turned on the water and soaked myself. I think that’s one of the only times I didn’t really enjoy getting wet. It was almost a chore that I had to find out how long wet footprints would take to dry.

After walking around for a bit and getting different parts of the patio wet to different degrees I finally had the information I needed and then realized that the next day was Friday. On Fridays I got out of school early and was usually home by 1:30 and while I had a lot of chores to do, I knew I’d be able to blow through them and have more time in the pool.

That cheered me up a lot and the whole next day at school I couldn’t keep my mind on anything but getting in the pool. Once the final bell rang I literally ran outside, hopped on my bike and peddled home as fast as I could. My school was about seven miles from the house and I think I made the ride in record time. Once home, I dashed inside, changed into the same jeans and t-shirt as the day before and was ready for my big dip.

I wasn’t quite as nervous but I still was very careful. I checked to make sure his truck wasn’t in the driveway, checked to make sure the neighbors across the street weren’t looking out their windows, and was ready. My heart was pounding and my palms were sweating but I wasn’t going to let anything keep me out of the pool today.

I scrambled up the wall and marveled how much easier it had been the day before when coming back over. Once again I dropped down into their back yard and scurried over to the side garage door and peaked into the garage to make sure it was empty, tiptoed around the corner so I could look into the kitchen and dining room to also verify that they weren’t home.

I was relieved but also even more nervous. Here was something I’d been looking forward to for a couple of weeks and I was finally going to get to go swimming in a pool with my clothes on.

With my heart pounding what felt like a thousand huge beats a minute I quietly walked over to the pool. I don’t remember why I felt like I needed to be quiet but I guess I was still nervous that someone might be home and I’d be discovered. I stuck my toes into the pool and got the bottom of my pant leg wet and then pulled it out and shook my foot to feel the wet jeans bottom brush against my leg and foot.

The jeans were a little long so I put my foot down and was getting ready to stick my other foot in the water when I heard a sound. I think I almost had a heart attack as my heart felt like it was going to leap out of my chest through my mouth. I dashed back to their gate separating the front from back yard and looked over the gate to see if anyone had pulled into the driveway.

No one, phew. Then again I looked in the garage and it was still empty, phew. Finally I calmed myself down and dashed back to the pool. I saw something that is one of my favorite things about wetlook. My one wet footprint had a half moon circle behind it from where my wet jeans bottom touched the ground. I absolutely love that look, it’s like talking to you and saying, “Hey, your clothes are wet and you’re walking around in them.”

I now stuck my other foot in the water and raised it, shook my foot to feel the wet material flop against my foot then stepped into the pool with both feet. I moved down to the second step then back up onto the edge of the pool and walked around in a circle to feel the water drip off my pants and onto my feet.

I luxuriated in the feeling of how the tops of my jeans rubbed the tops of my feet. The coarse, cool, wet feel of the material rubbing my feet is one of my favorite things.

A little aside here, often before going out somewhere on errands on the weekend I’ll hose off my patio and in the process, wetting the bottoms of my pants then trying to see how long into my errands I’ll still be able to feel their cool wetness.

I finally stepped back into the pool and down onto the third step and then sat down on the top step, getting myself wet almost all the way up to my waist. I straightened my legs out in front of me and did several scissor kicks, watching my jeans flow through the water and loving the feel of my legs inside my pant legs. It seemed like I could almost feel every stitch of the seams and hems of my pants as they moved across my skin.

Again I stood up and got out of the pool and walked around and loved it as my now soaked jeans drained down my legs, over my feet and onto the ground. I noticed for the first time how when wet, pants seem to get longer and looser. Where before they would just touch the tops of my feet, now I could barely see my toes peaking out of the bottom of my pants.

I noticed I was leaving a lot of water on the edge of the pool so I quickly got back in the water and this time walked all the way onto the bottom of the pool itself. The pool got deep pretty quick and I took a couple of steps and suddenly the water was over my shoulders.

My shirt at first stuck to me but within seconds loosened up and as I treaded water out into the deeper end of the pool it swirled around me and lifted up until the bottom hem was up under my breasts. As I kicked, my pants slid around my legs and I kept pulling my shirt down only to feel it float back up.

I moved my hand between my legs and started rubbing myself and within a minute had that wonderful feeling of an orgasm. I kept swimming and rubbing myself and had another orgasm within another five minutes.

“Oh my God,” I thought, you can have more than one of those? My nerve endings were in hypersensitivity mode and I never wanted to stop. I dove underwater and loved the feelings as my shirt now flowed past my body as I moved through the water. As I’d kick I felt my jeans caress my legs and the cool water flowing across my clothes almost felt like light hands all down my body.

I surfaced and swam to the other end of the pool then turned back. I had lost track of time but it didn’t seem like I’d been in the pool that long but I was about half way back I heard a car door slam and I freaked.

I knew I couldn’t go back to the gate and see if it was the man getting home and I couldn’t go over the wall where I’d gone over to get in the yard. As I was madly swimming to the edge of the pool, trying to be as quiet as possible, I was scanning the wall for the best place to go over. They had a lot of trees and bushes on this side so there were only a couple of places where I’d even be able to get close enough to the wall to attempt to scale it.

In the main part of their backyard the wall was one course of block higher, 8″, and I wasn’t sure I could make it over that but once I got out of the water I flew over to one of the spots where I could get to the wall, jumped up and pulled myself up and with scrabbling with my bare feet against the wall I was able to get on top and ready to go over.

I obviously should have planned this out better. The place where I’d scaled the wall, while accessible on their side, on our side was a berry arbor that was about six inches higher than the wall, a fact I hadn’t noticed until I was now perched on top of the wall.

I thought about dropping back down into the neighbor’s yard but if that had been his car, by now he could be coming through the garage into the yard. Of course I was assuming worst case, that he somehow knew I’d been back there and was coming back to catch me.

I steeled myself and jumped. I had to get over the arbor then the planter which was about 3 feet wide. My heart was beating and all I could hear was the rush of blood through my ears as I flew through the air and I hardly felt the landing in our grass.

I’d cleared the planter by probably three or four feet and rolled once I landed, then stood up and dashed to the other side of our fireplace, hidden from where he’d been able to see me if he’d looked.

I stood there, stock still, water still coursing off my body, listening for any sound of him searching for me. After several minutes of hearing nothing I peaked around the fireplace and didn’t see anything so I dashed to the back door, threw it open and finally I was safe inside.

Now I had to get my clothes dry and get my chores done before my dad got home. I scurried back to my room that looked out at the neighbor’s driveway and peaked out the curtains to see if he was out looking for me.

I was perplexed, his car wasn’t in the driveway and I thought I would have heard it if he’d moved it into the garage. Now I was really bummed, apparently it had been another car door shutting and I’d cut my swim short and lost being able to savor the last vestiges of my swim.

I took stock of myself. I was still wet and dripping on the carpet, I hoped my footprints through the house would disappear before my dad got home. I hadn’t tested that out. My toes on both feet were raw from scrabbling against the block on my hurry to scale the higher part of the wall, I still had to get my clothes rinsed off and into the washer for a spin cycle and then into the dryer and I had to figure out a better way to get wet. I was hooked.

Fortunately, there would always be another day.

Tart Restaurant

A guy that I’ve chatted with a couple of times asked me if I’d ever been to a restaurant called Tart which is kind of a Mecca for wetlook fans. I told him I’d been there many times so thought I’d write here and describe my first time.

I was on an online dating site several years ago and this guy contacted me and asked if I wanted to meet. I read his profile and some of the questions he answered and decided to give it a try.

He lived in the Valley so I suggested we meet half way in between even though he said he was willing to drive down to my area. I wanted to pick some stuff up at the original Farmers Market and 3rd and Fairfax so looked up restaurants around there. I found one called Tart that said it had southern food so I suggested that, and Andrew said that sounded fine to him.

I got there first since I got my shopping done early and was sitting at the bar when he walked in. We greeted each other with a hug and peck on the cheek and the waitress seated us.

Andrew was seated facing the restaurant and I was facing a wall. Almost right away I noticed a plaque at eye level that said, “Pool Warrior Club” and it had a bunch of people’s names on it on little brass tags. Kind of like a trophy you’d see in a high school gymnasium.

The waitress had already taken our drink order and when she came back with the drinks I asked her about the plaque. The restaurant is next door to the Farmer’s Daughter Hotel and she said that if you jump in the pool of the hotel with your clothes on, you get your food 50% off and if you jump in with your clothes on and cell phone with you, you get your food for free. She said it didn’t include tax or alcohol but otherwise there were no restrictions. I asked if you had to keep your shoes on but honestly I was already scheming for when I’d be going in that I don’t remember her answer.

Andrew sort of scoffed at the thought and mused out loud, wondering who’d do that. He was pretty surprised when I said I’d do it but then he asked if I was going to come back some other time.

He was even more surprised when I told him that I was going to do it before the end of the evening. He said he thought that maybe we would have been able to do some window shopping after dinner and asked if I was sure I really wanted to do it.

Well that cinched it for me. Here we were on a first date and he had the audacity to assume that after dinner we’d do something else together when at that point we’d shared two or three emails and maybe 10 minutes together?

I flagged down the waitress and asked for more details. I asked if there was any time during the time there you had to do it, if there was anything special you had to do, if you had to get your hair wet, etc.

She said you could do it anytime, there wasn’t anything else you had to do, she just had to take your picture to prove to the owner that you did it, and that you had to jump in so yes, your hair would get wet.

She and Andrew were both surprised when I said I’d do it right then. She asked Andrew if he was going to do it also and he said, “of course not,” which, unbeknownst to him, pretty much settled the question of our ever having a second date.

Just to prove a point to Andrew, I also told her I’d be going in with my phone, a Motorola Droid that had only been out for a few months. He scoffed that I was being silly just to save a few bucks because, he stupidly pointed out, the phone would be ruined and it would cost way more to replace than I’d save on the meal.

Which basically answered the question if we were going dutch or if he was going to pay for dinner.

I told him that would be fine because it would be fun and something that I could always remember. I followed the waitress over to the pool after she came back with her camera to record the moment and got ready for my jump.

I was wearing a short, tight taffeta turquoise skirt, a cream colored silk blouse with a cream colored bra and thong and a pair of 4 inch wedge heels. I grabbed one of the rubber duckies they have laying around and put it between my legs like I was going to ride him. I checked my phone to be sure it was on and showed it to the waitress and Andrew who had followed us over to the pool and I asked him if he’d changed his mind and was going to join me and he said no so I jumped out and over the pool.

I don’t really know why my heart had been pounding so but it almost seemed like both the waitress and Andrew could see it beating in my chest as I was in the air. Sometimes when getting wet I like to do it slowly, lowering myself inch by inch into the water, feeling my clothes slowly become heavier and heavier as the water slowly progresses up them and other times I like to just jump in, feeling myself get entirely soaked almost immediately.

Obviously this time was going to be an immediate soaking but even so I was anticipating the feeling. I’d just jumped up and out so I knew I’d land basically feet first, standing upright.

Just the thought of getting wet and then going back to dinner was a very erotic thought which probably contributed to my pounding heart. Then there it came.

First my feet hit then sunk into the water to be soon followed by my legs, skirt, crotch, blouse, stomach, bra and breasts then face and hair. I stayed underwater for a few seconds and when I surfaced the waitress was clapping and Andrew had a bemused look on his face.

I checked my phone and sure enough it was on but as I watched, in a few seconds it scrambled and then went dark. I threw it into the deeper part of the pool, abandoned my ducky and dove under to retrieve the phone, now resting on the bottom.

I was feeling great. It seemed even more erotic to have trashed my phone and at that point I was so horny I may have even considered fucking Andrew if he’d asked.

I swam around for a few minutes and Andrew brought our drinks over to the edge and we sat there, him on one of the chairs and me in the pool, enjoying our drinks until the waitress brought us our appetizers. She was great and it almost seemed to me like she wished she could have joined me in the pool.

After a bit the waitress came over and said our food was ready and asked if we wanted to eat there at the pool or at our table and I said I thought we should go back to the table so I dunked back underwater and then got out of the pool. I’d noticed Andrew really looking at me whenever I would duck underwater and then come back up and I was wondering if wetlook was growing on him and a couple of times I’d asked him if he wanted to come in but he never did.

The waitress brought me a towel to put on my shoulders so I wouldn’t be cool while we were eating so I traipsed over to our table and sat down as she brought our food over. I noticed everyone at the outside part of the restaurant was looking at me as we walked to our table and most of them were smiling and obviously talking about my being wet in my clothes.

One of my favorite parts about being in wet clothes is walking in them outside of the water I got wet in. I could feel the water streaming off the skirt and down my legs, I could hear the squishing of my shoes and my top, being silk, really clung to me nicely. The skirt was too tight to move much but all in all, the whole outfit felt really sexy to walk in.

I could tell that Andrew had been a little pissy about my jumping in the pool but eventually he relaxed and we actually had a very good meal and some good conversation. After we were done eating I excused myself to go to the bathroom and while in there I took my bra off. I’m not usually a big fan of bras and this one was really digging into me and since my shirt had dried off most of the way I didn’t think anyone would notice.

The waitress came and asked us if we wanted dessert and we both picked something and I told Andrew I was getting a little cold and was going back in the pool since it was warmer than the outside air. I asked him if he wanted to come in with me and he again said no but followed me over and watched as I jumped back in.

Oh, the water felt so good. Not only did it warm me up a bit, it also just felt good to be back in water. Of course it didn’t take Andrew long to notice that I’d taken my bra off since I knew suddenly my aerolas were very visible. The expression on his face was classic, his eyes almost bugged out, he got a goofy smile on his face and I looked down and saw an erection forming.

I swam around for a bit and the waitress brought our desserts out to us and I ate mine while in the pool. This felt so much better because now as I swam I could feel my top caress my breasts as the water flowed through and around it, a feeling that I’d missed with the bra on.

Several times I got out of the pool and jumped back in and after about 10 minutes or so three people that had been eating outside came over to the pool and stood there, obviously getting ready to jump in. Their waitress had the camera and after they jumped in she also took their picture.

They didn’t stay in the water long but it was fun to have someone join me, if ever so briefly. They were two men and a woman and it was almost hysterical seeing how the guys couldn’t keep their eyes off the woman or me.

After they got out I really tried convincing Andrew to get in the pool with me but he wouldn’t so finally after we settled up the check I got out of the pool and headed to the parking attendant.

After giving him our claim tickets for our cars Andrew and I talked a little bit more and he finally said he had a good time and asked if I’d like to go out again. I looked at him and told him that I had a good time. “But,” I said, “If you’d gotten in the pool with me you could have gotten laid tonight. As it is, I think you’re a little too uptight for me.”

He looked crestfallen and was stammering for the right thing to say but I just leaned forward and gave him a brief hug. When the valet brought my car I opened the trunk and got out a heavy duty trash bag I keep for such occasions, put it on my seat, got in, waved to Andrew and left.

I was sort of sad, sort of laughing remembering the night. I had gotten to like Andrew but for me, getting wet is such a big deal that if someone won’t do it even to humor me, it’s an obstacle we’ll never overcome. I had a nice drive home,slowly drying off and by the time I pulled into my garage my blouse had dried off but my skirt was still quite damp and of course I was sitting in a puddle of water that had dripped off me but was caught by the trash bag.

I got out of my car and sadly, my shoes no longer made the squishing noise from being soaked, they just made a little squeaking sound. I went through my house and into the shower and showered off to rinse the chlorine out of my clothes before stripping off and settling down to watch a movie.

Junior Pool Party

When I was a junior in high school a senior named Jason asked me if I’d like to go to a birthday party at a kids house. I thought he was dating a girl named Tamera and I didn’t even think he knew I existed so I was pretty stoked because he was very popular, really cute and a lot of the other girls were always talking about how cool he was. And the best part, he had a car and could drive.

I was sort of a tomboy but not a virgin so I was very aware of the effect a girl’s body could have on a boy so I thought I’d try for the Britney Spears look, a white button up shirt tied below my breasts, a pair of skin tight, low rise jeans and heels. I’d never worn heels before so I wore them around the house for like a week before the party, whenever my parents weren’t home, to get the hang of it.

My parents were always out on Saturday nights so as soon as they left the house I started getting ready for the party. I didn’t know how late we’d be there so I left a change of clothes in some bushes under my window in case my parents were home when I got back. They were really strict and knew they’d kill me if they saw my outfit so I picked out a pair of loose jeans, polo type shirt, bra and tennis shoes to change into if need be.

Jason arrived a little early but I was so excited and nervous that I’d been dressed and ready for at least half an hour before he got there. When I opened the door I could tell from his expression that he liked my outfit and don’t think I needed to point out that I wanted to look like Britney even though I’m a dark brunette. He gave me an awkward hug and we got in his car and drove to the party.

I was super nervous so I was talking non-stop and he kept looking at me like I was the most interesting person ever. Turns out, he just liked how I looked, LOL.

We got to the party and a I could tell a lot of people were surprised Jason and I came together. I’d told a couple of friends that he’d asked me but no one else, but none of them had been invited and for the first time in my life I saw envy and jealousy on some people’s faces. When we’d gotten out of the car Jason had taken my hand and we held hands most of the time when we got there and I saw Tamera’s face when she first saw me with Jason. I’m sure she didn’t recognize me since she was also a senior like Jason and one of the popular rich kids but I could easily read the look on her face, hatred.

She was with another guy but she kept glaring at Jason and me and at one point Jason and I were by her and she, with a very snide tone, asked Jason who his little friend was. I’m actually taller than she was but I assumed that she’d asked around and found out that I was a junior. He was very nice about it and introduced us and I admired how he didn’t try to build me up or make her feel slighted that she wasn’t with him, but I could tell that she was seething.

We went our separate ways and were in the back yard where there was a bowl with some very spiked punch. Jason got a glass but told me what it was before asking if I wanted any. I’d never had any alcohol before and when I had the first sip thought it was horrible but said it was good. He got a glass for me but I think he could tell that I really didn’t like it because he didn’t even fill the glass half full.

It was a huge back yard and some guys were throwing a Frisbee and one of them jumped up for it and missed and ended up falling in the pool. I was fascinated. He acted like it was nothing. He got out of the pool, got the Frisbee and threw it back to one of the other guys. I guess I was staring because Jason asked me if I was okay and I covered it up by saying that I really liked playing Frisbee. Fortunately he bought it and told one of the guys to throw it to him.

He caught it and handed it to me and said he wanted to see how I could throw it. Unbeknownst to him, being an only kid, I had perfected the ability to throw the Frisbee up and have it come back to me so I could catch it. Throwing it to someone else was a piece of cake.

I had also perfected the ability to throw underhanded instead of across my body so when I threw it to one of the guys he was impressed. Who ever would have thought being a tomboy would impress a guy?

We kept throwing it and I could feel the alcohol hitting me because my throws were getting a bit worse. One guy tried catching the Frisbee but in the process knocked a girl in the pool. She came up sputtering and her date then pushed the guy in. It started to become a pushing match, guys wrestling to push or pull others in, girls getting caught up in the mayhem and also ending up in the pool. I was watching and wishing someone would push me in and sensed someone coming up on my side. I turned in time to see Tamera reaching out towards me and saying, “Have fun swimming bitch.”

When I was 10, a cousin of mine talked me into taking Aikido with her and I’d practiced it ever since. One of the tenets of Aikido is called redirection of force which basically teaches you if someone comes at you to use their momentum to redirect their energy away from you in a relaxed manner.

Instinctively when Tamara reached to me to push me in the pool I just stepped aside while grabbing her elbow and directed her past me and into the pool. Jason and several others saw the move and when Tamera surfaced, sputtering and hair all over her face, everyone was laughing at her. It was funny in a way to me also, because I’d been trying to figure out a way to get in the pool and when provided the perfect opportunity, I avoided it. Of course now Tamera was super pissed but without looking like a total bitch she couldn’t do much to me.

By now at least 20 people had been thrown, fallen or jumped in the pool and two of them came at Jason when he was laughing at Tamera. He had just taken my hand again when they pushed him into the pool. I held on tight and he basically took me with him as he flew into the pool.

It almost felt like slow motion. I knew what was going to happen. I saw Jason go forward and reached his free arm in front of him almost like he could stop his fall. His arm with the hand I was holding first pulled my arm forward and then I was also launched over the pool. I saw Jason hit the water in a belly flop as I let go of his hand. With my legs pushing, I accelerated my progress into the pool and jumped over him so I wouldn’t land on him, and executed what I imagined a perfect dive into the pool.

I could almost feel the water saturating my clothes even before I hit the surface. I was excited and anticipating the feeling of the water and when I finally entered I felt the all too quick soaking from head to toe. The water was pleasantly cool and where I’d earlier been dry and my clothes lightly touched my body, suddenly they were clinging to me, hugging me with their sodden embrace.

I loved the feeling throughout my body as my clothes regained that feeling of tightness and before surfacing I did a mental check of the sensual feelings suddenly filling me. I surfaced head up, chin forward so my hair would stream back instead of being in my face.

Jason quickly moved to where I was treading water and he apologized for pulling me in and I told him it was okay. I’d been swimming with shoes on many times but never in heels. As you know, swimming with shoes on is way different from swimming barefoot, way sexier I think. You can’t swim nearly as fast, it’s almost like kicking but little happens, frog kick works best I’ve found. With heels it seemed even harder but it may have been my imagination.

Jason was looking down in the water and I thought he was liking the looks of my wet clothes until I realized my shirt had gone transparent and he was looking at my breasts. My areolas are pretty dark and looking down I saw they were really visible through my shirt underwater. I felt pretty self conscious but when he told me I looked really sexy I realized that this hot guy liked the way I looked and it made me feel really good.

We moved over to the edge of the pool and hung on as he leaned in and kissed me. While he was kissing me we moved together and I could feel that he was pretty aroused, as was I. There I was, in my clothes in a pool with a really cute guy kissing me and I couldn’t have been happier.

There were a lot of people being pushed into the pool and it was getting crowded so we moved to the steps and got out of the pool. I’d forgotten how transparent my top was and when it finally hit me I was feeling incredibly sexy as I walked up the steps and out of the pool. It wasn’t easy with the heels on because I’d never walked up steps in them much less steps of a pool but I wasn’t about to take them off.

It felt so good as my shirt clung to me as I rose out of the water then my pants sucked tight to my body then the water squishing out of my shoes as I first stepped onto the edge of the pool. We took a couple of steps from the edge and the feeling and sound of the water being pushed out of my shoes almost seemed to be drowning out the sounds of laughter and yelling from all the other kids in and around the pool.

Jason and several of the other guys were staring at my breasts and it really turned me on. I’d never, that I knew of, been such an object of attention and for the first time in my life I found out what it felt like to be “popular” and I didn’t care that it was for no other reason than I was basically topless.

Jason said he was going to get us more punch and I told him I was getting cold so I was going back in the pool and he could find me there. I turned and took a few quick steps and jumped and did a cannonball into the pool. It felt great as I entered the water so forcefully so I didn’t notice that it pushed up my shirt and it wasn’t until I surfaced and stood up that I felt something different. I looked down and saw my shirt was up around my shoulders with my bare chest exposed for everyone that was looking to see.

I heard a few catcalls before I lowered back into the water and pulled my shirt down. I started swimming and then had a naughty idea. Through my years of swimming in a neighbor’s pool, I’d found a way to tread water, and by moving my legs just right, sort of like riding a bicycle, I could give myself an orgasm without touching myself.

I was so turned on already, that within a minute of finding a little space where people weren’t diving over me, I felt that first wave of an oncoming orgasm. I knew no one could tell what I was doing but I still looked around as the pleasure of my orgasm ran through my body. It was extraordinarily powerful, probably from already being so hyper stimulated, and I was almost sure others must be able to tell what was happening.

I kept it up for at least a minute or so before seeing Jason appear at the edge of the pool with a glass of punch for each of us. I knew I probably shouldn’t drink it because I knew I was already a little drunk but at that point logic wasn’t all that firm of a concept in my head.

More Frisbees and balls appeared and Jason and I spend the next couple of hours jumping or being pushed into the pool, getting even more drunk as time went by. Every so often we’d make out for a bit but it was never long enough.

Here was another first for me. Kissing a guy when we were both wet. It was a whole new sensation. Feeling his warm body through his cool wet clothes was an exotic experience as was the feeling of him running his hands over my wet clothed body.

The feeling of his hand on my jeans clad ass as he pulled us together was completely different from when I’d made out with other guys when we didn’t have anything else on. My jeans had been skin tight when dry but of course they loosened up a bit when they got wet, but now with his hand on me, I could almost feel every wet seam of my pants and pockets press against my skin. The warmth of his hand was dampened by the cool wetness of my wet jeans so it was almost like an alien touch.

One of the things that I really like about being in wet clothes is the sound when you slap your thigh when you first get out of the water and it’s still streaming off your wet body. It’s almost an indescribably wet slap, so different from any other sound and I think this is where I first heard it. Jason said something funny/crude and I slapped his ass and loved the sound. I’d been wet hundreds of times before but somehow had never heard or at least noticed it but that time it stuck with me.

I did it again and then did it to myself. I kept doing it and Jason finally asked me what I was doing. I pointed out the sound to him but I think he just thought I was drunk and laughed it off.

Fortunately, after Tamera had gotten out of the pool after trying to push me in, she left so I didn’t have to deal with that for the rest of the night. I got to spend the whole time reveling in the feeling of swimming in my clothes with a bunch of other people doing the same.

At one point I had to take my heels off because they’d gotten so loose that my feet were almost swimming in them.

Finally the party started to wind down and Jason and I left. I suddenly realized with a panic that while I’d left a change of clothes outside for me to change into, my hair was soaking wet and I didn’t know how to explain that to my parents if they were home and still up.

I explained my situation to Jason and he said we could go to his house and I could use his sister’s hair dryer. Well, when we got there, one thing led to another and I finally fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning in a panic and woke Jason and almost screamed at him that he had to take me home. I found my still damp clothes and put them on and had him drop me a couple of houses down from my parents house. I managed to slip into my room without my parents waking or hearing and just prayed that they hadn’t looked in on me when they got home.


The Photo Shoot

Four years ago, one evening I was looking for something on Craigslist and came across an add from a photographer stating that he was looking for a model to add to his portfolio. He said it would be at the Santa Monica Pier in the surf in a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

While I’d never thought of modeling before I just had to respond. I didn’t know if I’d be pretty enough for him to want to shoot me but I finally found what I thought was an okay picture of myself and sent it along with my response to the add.

He responded and said he’d love to shoot me so we arranged to meet the next Saturday down at the pier. It was early February but had been a pleasant week and when Saturday rolled around it was in the low 80’s.

I got down to the pier where we were going to meet and to my surprise he was even earlier than I was. While we waited for his makeup artist, we talked about different poses and asked if there were any concerns I had.

I suppose I should back up a bit here and explain that when I was 28 I’d been diagnosed with breast cancer so I had a double mastectomy and then several reconstruction surgeries so I wasn’t feeling all that pretty even though I had completely healed and my surgeon told me everything looked great. I had a chance to talk to my therapist about it and she said the photo shoot could really help me realize I wasn’t the freak that I saw myself as, but depending on the photographer it also might not turn out so well.

Back to at the pier, I reminded Jason that I’d never done anything like this but I was willing to do whatever he thought would look best. We did a couple dry runs, literally, with him showing me what he was thinking of and clarified that I would be getting wet. I told him I didn’t have a problem with that, little did he know that was the only reason I was there, and finally the makeup artist showed up.

Normally I’m not one for makeup so I was getting very nervous by how long she was taking and how much stuff she seemed to be putting on my face but when she was done and showed me in a mirror I told her she was a miracle worker.

We started with some dry shots and I was dying to get wet. Finally I was able to get my feet and the bottom of my pants wet. He had me sit against a pole and a wave broke over my legs and splashed my shirt.

It felt awesome and he really put me at ease saying it looked great, I was doing good and had to keep reminding me to look sexy. I was having a blast and I could hardly keep from smiling so he kept having to say stuff like, “Imagine the camera is Brad Pitt and you want to turn him on.”

There were quite a few people around but after a bit I was able to forget about them and just concentrate on trying not to smile and look sexy. I started concentrating on how my increasing wetness was feeling sexy and that helped me to really enjoy the time instead of being self conscious. Usually when a camera is around I will turn around or try to scurry away but this time it was only looking at me.

I started to luxuriate in the feeling of my pants getting wetter and wetter and each time my top would get splashed it was almost as if I could feel each individual drop as it soaked into my shirt. I put my hands in the water and got them wet and then ran them through my hair, getting it slightly wet.

The sun was dropping on the horizon and I looked at myself and it was like I was infused with this orange glow with my pants and shirt still having wet and dry places. I stood up just before a big wave came up and it caught my legs and I loved the feeling of the splash as I felt the water go up my pant legs.


I sat back down and my butt instantly got wet from the wet sand then another wave came up and got me even wetter. I pulled down the bottom of my shirt so my nipples were almost exposed with just the top of the halter hiding them and kept raising my legs up, one at a time to look at how my pants were getting wetter and wetter and in the evening sun they were really shining. I kept splashing water on my top and as I would do so it felt great as the warm dry material would suddenly turn cool and soft.


Jason was encouraging me to move different ways and each time I’d turn one way or another he’d quickly take another shot and give me words of encouragement.


Finally my jeans were completely soaked, I was covered in sand and my top was almost entirely saturated. It felt great. I suppose I should have gotten cold but my adrenaline was pumping through me and all I felt was how I was feeling sexier than I had in a long time.

He laughed as I kept slapping my wet legs and finally he asked me why I did that. I told him that I just thought it sounded really sexy. At that point I wished that I’d worn a pair of high heeled wedges to really complete the look but it didn’t abate my enjoyment of the whole situation.

When I’d lean against one of the poles the contrast of the sharp barnacles against my back was contrasted with the softness of my wet jeans. Each time another wave would come up over me it felt like a lovers caress.


Finally as it was getting darker I was completely soaked with my hair clinging to me and the cool water moving my clothes back and forth across my skin.

I don’t think Jason was planning on getting wet because he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt also but I think he was as wet as I was. Several times a wave would hit him before me and he’d have to quickly raise his camera up to keep it from getting wet but a couple of times when he’d stand up I saw that he was getting an erection and that really made me feel sexy.

I tried to make the shots as sexy as I could and a couple of times one of my breasts would pop out of my top and I’d have to quickly tuck it back in before moving to another position.


We moved out from under the pier to try and get some more of the quickly diminishing light. I didn’t even notice that there was a line of people up on the pier that were looking down at us until after I was completely soaked.

Jason was so patient telling me different ways to move and pose and while I was still aware of how great my wet clothes felt I was mainly trying to move to give him the best shot.

Finally we moved back under the pier for a few last shots with the flash before finishing up. I had rolled in the sand for some of them so while he was putting his gear away I went back out into the surf to wash off and was surprised when Jason came out also.

He was at least as sandy, if not more than me, and we had a good time soaking in the surf after we both were rinsed off. He said he was getting cold and had to get back to his car and I realized that I was pretty cold too so we hugged goodbye and each headed off to our cars.